• We had two great nights at Bazart Hostel, friendly and helpful staff, close to the wonderful beach, cute and very comfortable rooms! Highly recommended!!! + Rooms are named from Rock stars bands which is funny :)

    Ada 1414

    The bed was extra comfy bed, the best mattress I've ever slept on in a hotel! It is located econds away from the beach. The stuff is friendly and helpful. I reccommend you to request a room on the first floor.

    Luminita C

  • This was the best location I've been in Vama Veche so far. Staff was friendly and helpful, somebody was always at the reception, rooms were small but clean, bathrooms as well. It is located close to the beach, next to Bibi restaurant which is also great.

    Andreea Brl

    We didn't stay here, as all rooms were full, but they helped us to find another place to stay. So at least they are very helpful and friendly! This place is located in the very centre of Vama Veche, close to the beach and everything, so if you're going to Vama Veche, this is probably a great choice!

    Sanna H

  • I find this hostel being in the perfect spot. Very close to the beach, on the main street, next to many restaurants, gift shops or minimarkets. Friendly and helpful staff, clean, cosy wooden rooms, fresh bathrooms.

    Codrescu M

    Request room on the first floor! We stayed on the first floor. Our friends' room, who stayed on the ground floor, had a strong dampness smell and only 1 big window (compared to 1 big window and 2 small on the first floor).

    Adela I